When you join me for a session, you can expect to enter a space of unconditional love and no judgement. I allow for as much time to talk and discuss as you need. When we begin the session, you will lie fully clothed on a bodywork table with organic sheets and blankets which can be heated to your comfort level, and a full, soft bolster will be placed under your knees to support your back and legs. Your job is to relax, breathe, and allow - allow yourself to experience whatever it is you need in this moment; perhaps a deep healing trance state or a powerful supported cathartic release.



what is a shaman

Shamans are individuals who, through self work and commitment to daily practice, are able to reach and induce deep trance states. They are then able to perceive and interact with the astral plane and impart the necessary vibration so that clients may reach these states as well.  A shaman holds a high vibrational space of unconditional love in order to help you move past deeply ingrained patterns, traumas, fears, and long held belief systems about yourself and the world. 


The "White Light Project" is an outward expression of my inner light, my passions, and my desire to facilitate healing and offer inspiration in order to empower others to do the same. We all have an inner light that can be a beacon to ourselves and others in dark places. If we choose to work on releasing all that is hiding our light, imagine how much brighter the world could be! Let this "White Light Project" become your white light project. Together we can make the world brighter, from the inside out.

I use high quality organic essential oils and burn sage and palo santo, but can always adjust their use for your comfort. After your session, we again allow as much time as you need to ask questions and receive feedback from me. You can expect to feel lighter, clearer, and more centered following your session. Many people find themselves feeling newly creative, empowered, and focused with a new sense of what they are capable of and new view of the world and their place in it.

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